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6-pack Abs with Velvet Antler Supplements

Deer velvet antler will tremendously accelerate the concretization of the lean muscle mass on your stomach.

So many people yearn for a ripped set of 6-pack abs; yet, so few have any. Nothing is more frustrating than doing thousands of crunches and having no results to show for it.

Worse yet, these days, getting your hands on the right information is a herculean task. Everybody is trying to sell you some quick fix solution. The gadget manufacturers are always trying to sell you some gimmick.

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Deer Velvet Antler Supplements

Compared to the diet industry, the gadget manufacturers are amateurs. Advertisers from the diet industry have probably ruined more people than hamburgers and tacos.

The marketplace is strewn with a myriad of super weight loss diets that do not deliver. The diet industry is one huge scam. But that is not the bad news.

Here comes the bombshell!

The consumers of super weight loss diets are not innocent. If any diet worked, it would have spread through the mainstream media with the same impact as Viagra. Everybody would have known of this weight loss diet. And everybody would be slim and fit.

Super diets are simply not worth the investment. There are no short-cuts to developing 6-pack abs. There are no substitutes for pain, sweat and effort.

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Deer Velvet Antler Extract

Killer Abdominal Exercises Guaranteed to Produce 6-pack Abs

The bicycle exercises, Captain’s Chair exercises and Swiss ball exercises are the three most effective abdominal exercises. These are the only three abdominal exercises you’ll ever need.

Before you delve into endless crunches, here is what you must know!

Your 6-pack abs will never be visible; unless, your body fat percentage ranges from 8% to 19%. For women, your body fat percentage must range from 21% to 32%.

If your body fat percentage is above 19%, you absolutely need to lose weight first. BMI (body mass index) is a more popular metric for measuring overweight. You are overweight, if your BMI is above 25. To calculate your BMI, divide your height by your weight.

Losing weight is a pretty straightforward business. You lose weight by expending more calories than you consume.

6-pack Abs with Velvet Antler
6-pack Abs with Velvet Antler

Intermittent sessions of intense cardio will help you shed more weight than anything else. Sprinting, cycling and swimming are the top three aerobic exercises.

Embark on your abdominal exercises once you hit normal weight. Remember, anything else will not do. Here is what you must drill into your mind, “no normal weight, no 6-pack abs!”

Using Deer Velvet Antler to Rip Your Abs

Velvet antler extract is the most powerful supplement in high performance sports. Professional athletes are madly in love with this extract because it increases the quantity of oxygen in blood.

Oxygen is vital for cellular respiration. The more oxygen that is present in your bloodstream, the more efficient your system becomes at processing food into glucose (energy).

Velvet extract contains IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor-1). It contains both IGF-1 and IGF-2; however, IGF-1 is the main active agent. IGF-1 is naturally produced in the body. It is produced in the liver.

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Velvet Antler Pills

IGF-1 is a growth hormone with 72 amino acids. IGF-1 stimulates protein synthesis. As a result, it causes rapid cell replication.

It will greatly accelerate the development of your abdominal muscles by stimulating the growth of lean muscle mass. It also increases bone density. Deer antler will tremendously increase your stamina, strength and endurance.

Deer antler has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine. In Korea, it is often consumed just before winter in order to strengthen the immune system and ward off infections.

In addition, deer velvet is a powerful aphrodisiac. It will blast your libido into high gear. You will need to strengthen your zipper because it will come under high pressure.

Enter the brave new world of enhanced performance. Order the highly recommended deer velvet antler extract now and chisel out your stomach into a robust set of 6-pack abs.

Falling Testosterone Levels in the West

The decline of testosterones in the West spells the end of Western hegemony.

Power comes from the balls of a man. Crush the balls of a man and he shrinks into irrelevance. That is exactly, what is happening to the Western man.

Western productivity is falling because testosterone (T) levels in the West are falling. According to research conducted by NERI (New England Research Institute), the average serum T levels of Western men have declined by 20% over the last 3decades.

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Pro Testosterone Supplements

The NERI research was published online on July 02, 2013 by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

These shocking results never got any publicity from the mainstream media. Then again, when did the mainstream media ever demonstrate the faintest interest in issues concerning men?

The West has forsaken its men. The mammoth price for this treachery is incalculably monstrous.

Consequence of Low Testosterone Levels

Low serum T levels in men often results in reduced libido, reduced sexual desire, atrophied muscle mass, reduced facial hair, reduced pubic hair, reduced sperm count, reduced red blood cells, disrupted sleep patterns, insomnia, anemia and osteoporosis.

The manhood hormone is mainly produced by your testicles. Small amounts are also produced by the adrenal glands.

Normal Testosterone Levels photo pic2NormalTestosteroneLevels_zps4d340efe.jpg
Normal Testosterone Levels

Hypogonadism is a medical condition, in which, the testes produce abnormally low quantities of the virility hormone. In such cases, you are likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Most people exclusively associate the manhood hormone with sex. This is an incomplete view of the importance of the manhood hormone. The manhood hormone is central to productivity. Low quantities of serum T invariably means low production. Low production invariably leads to stagnation and economic decline.

The virility hormone is not only important to individual men. It is important to the society because society is made up of individual men and women. Any phenomenon that affects individuals in a society ends up affecting the whole society.

The economic and moral decline of Western powers is a direct result of the falling testosterone levels in Western Men.

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Testosterone Injections

Causes of the Decline of Testosterones

Aging is a natural cause of falling serum T levels. The production of the virility hormone peaks at the age of 25. At 25, it starts decreasing at the rate of 1% every year.

By the way, serum T levels didn’t always peak at the age of 25. In the mid-twentieth century, serum T levels use to peak at the age of 30. It still does in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Scientists want us to belief that they do not know why the levels of the manhood hormone are falling in the West. Nonetheless, they (researchers) have postulated half-ass theories to explain this disquieting trend.

The most favoured theories lay the blame on the explosion of obesity and the decline of smoking. Other less favoured theories point to chemicals used in pesticides such as carbaryl and phthalates.

Off course, theories are theories. But the total lack of empirical evidence to support these theories makes them ludicrous.

On the other hand, every scientist shies away from an obvious theory: FEMINISM. Thanks to the ruthless political correctness machine, no scientist will dare risk his job by speaking out.

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Natural Testosterone Boosters

Unbridled feminism is the real cause of falling testosterone levels in the West.

How to Increase Your Testosterone Levels

Applied information is power. First, get informed. Second, apply the information. Download and read the free EBook “the Book of Zed,” by the Zen Priest. Every Western man should read this book. This book helps you to see the dangers of the contemporary feminism.

Follow the advice in the book and protect your balls. Do not get married; else, your balls will be busted. Married men in the Western hemisphere are the most emasculated creatures on earth.

In the West, married men are sad and pathetic. Worse yet, they are jealous of the freedoms of unmarried guys. Unmarried guys have way more sex. In addition, unmarried guys have children through surrogacy. Unmarried men do not run the risk of being taken to the cleaners through the family court system by some gold digger.

Train hard! You just can’t afford to be a lazy slob. You’ve got to eat well and exercise regularly. Do resistance training and weight lifting.

Supplement your training with pro testosterone pills. They are the best natural testosterone boosters. High performance athletes frequently cite the endurance and strength-enhancing capabilities of the pills as a distinct advantage of pro testosterone supplements.


These supplements are manufactured in the USA under the strict guidelines of the FDA. Order the highly recommended pills now and get an incredible blast in energy.

Effects of Rosacea

Rosacea is a skin disease that causes redness on the central parts of the face i.e. the forehead, cheeks and nose. Occasionally, it also affects the neck, ears, chin, scalp, upper chest and upper back.

See Pictures of Rosacea

Mild cases are not disruptive at all; in fact, some people welcome mild cases because the slight glow of colour makes their faces seem full of life. This people tend to leave their condition untreated.

There is a risk involved in leaving your condition untreated. Rosaceatic flares aggravate and worsen, when left untreated. If you are lucky, you might enjoy remission without medication.

Moderate and severe cases can be seriously disruptive to the point where you are no longer able to continue your daily activities. Many people cannot stand the embarrassment of huge pimples and pustules, spread across their face.

Revitol Rosacea Cream photo pic1RevitolRosaceaCream_zpsf0d0d23c.jpg
Revitol Rosacea Cream

The toll it takes on your self-esteem can unleash anxiety and even depression. Incidentally, emotional stress is a trigger of rosaceatic inflammation. This is one of those conditions, in which, a trigger can cause a condition, and the condition, in tend provokes the trigger, in a sort of self-reinforcing cycle.

Treatment of Rosacea

There are three treatment techniques for rosacea: medication, laser surgery and topical cream. The appropriate treatment technique for you depends on the severity and the type of rosaceatic flare that, you have.

Rosaceatic inflammations are non-contagious and non-infectious. Except for esthetic reasons, there is no urgent imperative to treat mild cases.

Moderate and severe cases need treatment. In order to determine the appropriate treatment, we have to examine the rosaceatic subtypes: erythematotelangiectatic, papulopustular, phymatous and ocular.

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Remedy from Rosacea

Treatment of Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea

The erythematotelangiectatic subtype is marked by facial redness (erythema). People, who get affected by this subtype, tend to have sensitive skin. As a result, they often experience frequent flushing and blushing. In extreme cases, they might experience some burning or stinging sensation.

You might also experience telangiectasias. Telangiectasias is the widening of the blood vessels located near the surface of the skin.

Sometimes the treatment of facial redness can be as simple as masking the affected area with cosmetics.

In moderate and severe cases, you’ll need more potent treatment such as medication, laser surgery or topical agents.

Treatment with the help of medication constitutes the use of oral drugs such as tetracycline, doxycycline and minocycline. These antibiotics are effective at alleviating the inflammation. Your dermatologist or medical professional may also prescribe you topical antibiotics such as metronidazole.

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Relief from Rosacea

If the flushing and blushing is pronounced, your dermatologist might prescribe centrally acting alpha-2 agonist clonidine. Beta-blockers like nadolol and propranolol are also great at providing relief from the flushing and blushing.

Sometimes trigger avoidance is sufficient to stop the frequent flushing and blushing. The erythematotelangiectatic rosaceatic flares of some people are triggered by the consumption of red wine. Occasionally, the rosaceatic flares might cease simply by obtaining from the consumption of red wine.

Laser surgery is increasingly popular for the treatment of erythematotelangiectatic rosacea.

Laser surgery can be performed with single wavelength light or intense pulsed light. Intense pulsed light lasers provide better treatment than single wavelength light because they are more versatile.

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Home Care Remedy for Rosacea

Both work by penetrating the epidermis and heating the oxy-hemoglobin in the capillaries. After 75 °C, the oxy-hemoglobin explodes, causing the walls of the capillaries to crumble.

You require several laser treatment sessions to achieve complete remission.

Revitol rosacea cream is an award winning topical agent.

The potent revitol formula is highly recommended by the International Council on Medical Health for its outstanding track record of effectiveness and exemplary safety standards. The revitol formula treats the skin inflammation painlessly without side-effects because it is made from natural plant extracts.

Rosaceatic flares might cause your skin to crack and produce a reddish network of spidery lines. The nourishing effect of the collagen-boosting ingredients in revitol easily solves this problem by replenishing and re-vitalizing the skin.

Relief from Rosacea photo pic5RelieffromRosacea_zps9b81175d.jpg
Relief from Rosacea

In addition, the natural anti-bacterial agents in the plant extracts kill the bacteria on the surface on the affected areas. Order the certified, FDA-compliant revitol formula now and eliminate your rosacea.

Skin Tags Home Care Remedy

Skin tags are little, benign tumors that typically measure 1cm on average. They may sometimes be as large as 5cm.

The scientific name for skin tags is acrochorda. Acrochordon is the singular for acrochorda. Your dermatologist or general practitioner may also refer to skin tags as fibroepithelial polyps, cutaneous papilloma, soft fibroma, skin tabs or warts.

By the way, soft fibromas are not warts. Warts are caused by a virus. Soft fibromas are not caused by viruses. However, soft fibromas do contain low risk quantities of HPV 6 and 11. HPV is the acronym for human papillomavirus. It is possible, but improbable that HPV has a causative role in soft fibromas.

Skin Tags Remover photo pic1SkinTagsRemover_zps4b60a5d0.jpg
Skin Tags Remover

Genital warts and soft fibromas do have certain similarities. Visual observation might prove insufficient to diagnose soft fibromas in the genitalia. In such cases, a biopsy might be necessary; in order to make an accurate diagnosis.

Soft fibromas often develop in areas where the skin forms creases. The most notable spots are the neck, the armpits and the groin.

Soft fibromas can develop on any skin surface. Other less frequented body parts include: the eyelids, face, mouth, nasal cavity, umbilicus, between the fingers, between the toes, genitalia, vagina, vulva, upper chest, under arms and under the breasts.

The surface of a soft fibroma may be smooth or irregular. In general, they look like nipples.

Soft fibromas have the same colour as the skin. The colour might change, if the tumor is thrombosed. Sometimes, thrombosed tags may become purple or black, when the blood supply is seriously hampered.

Carol Soleme photo CarolSoleme_zpsaf1a8e87.gif
Carol Soleme

What Problems Do Skin Tags Cause?

In general, soft fibromas neither hurt nor itch. They might itch and irritate on extremely rare occasions.

Irritation mostly occurs, when the outgrowths are frequently scratched. Activities such as shaving might trigger irritation. Furthermore, the soft fibroma might irritate, if it is located on a region of the neck, where the collar of your shirt repeatedly rubs against it.

Sometimes the outgrowth might cause pain, if snagged by jewelry, clothing or seat belts. Pain might also result from necrosis.

Soft fibromas are not contagious. People in your social group are not necessarily aware of this fact. As a result, you might be shocked to discover that, people are consciously avoiding you.

Skin Tags versus Skin Warts photo pic3SkinTagsversusSkinWarts_zpsdc0494ab.jpg
Skin Tags versus Skin Warts

The societal reaction to your condition can provoke a fatal self-esteem crisis.

Soft fibromas occur in both men and women; however, women are more profoundly affected by the societal reaction to their condition.

Treatment of Skin Tags

From a medical standpoint, soft fibromas do not need treatment. They are utterly harmless. Most people only treat them for esthetic reasons.

There are five main treatment methods for soft fibromas: topical agents, cauterization, cryosurgery, excision and surgical ligation.

Cryosurgery (cryotherapy) involves the use of extremely cold temperatures to destroy the soft fibroma. Cells of tissue are ruptured under extremely cold temperatures. Cryosurgery makes use of this characteristic of cells.

Revitol Skin Tags Remover photo pic4RevitolSkinTagsRemover_zps72a16e85.jpg
Revitol Skin Tags Remover

In cryosurgery, substances with extremely low freezing point are used in a special device called a cryogun to destroy the tumor. The most frequently used substances include: liquid nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon, dimethyl ether and propane.

Cryosurgery is also used to treat other skin conditions. Other skin conditions that can be treated with cryosurgery include: warts, moles, solar keratoses, Morton’s neuroma, skin cancers, prostate cancer, cervical disorders and hemorrhoids.

Revitol skin tag remover is a top of the line topical agent used in the treatment of skin tabs.

The revitol formula is a homeopathic remedy that is based on the potent active agent, thujaoccidentalis. Thujaoccidentalis is a soothing essential oil with numerous health benefits.

Skin Tags Home Care Remedy photo pic5SkinTagsHomeCareRemedy_zpsaa07f203.jpg
Skin Tags Home Care Remedy

The revitol cream painlessly eliminates skin tabs without leaving scars. In contrasts, every surgical intervention has the potential to leave scars.

Surgical interventions are painless during the procedure because local anesthesia is applied. However, the recovery from surgical interventions might be painful.

The revitol formula spares you of this potentially ruinous side-effect. The 100% natural revitol system guarantees you a safe and soothing recovery. Order the certified, FDA-registered revitol formula now and safely eradicate your skin tags.


Psoriasis Home Remedies

Psoriasis is a dermatological skin infection. Psoriasis is caused by the immune system, sending faulty signals to skin cells. This causes the skin cells to rapidly multiply and over populate the area.

Under normal conditions, new skin cells are formed gradually. The body is capable to disposing of the quantity of old, dead cells. During a psoriatic infection, the body is unable to handle the excess production of skin cells.

As a result, dead cells accumulate on the skin surface, forming painful, itching and irritating scales. The colour of psoriatic patches has different shades: red, white and silvery.

There are five main types of psoriatic rashes: plaque, guttate, inverse, pustular and erythrodermic. It is possible to be concurrently affected by more than one type.

Psoriasis Cream Dermasis photo pic1PsoriasisCreamDermasis_zps67dde8d8.jpg
Psoriasis Cream Dermasis

Plaque psoriasis is the most common. It affects anywhere between 80 to 90% of the entire population, suffering from the dermatological rash.

People often confuse psoriasis with eczema rashes. They have similarities but they are not the same infection.

Psoriatic patches can occur on any body part. They may remain localized or they may spread across the entire body. The most frequently affected body parts include: elbows, knees, skin folds (armpit, eyelids), mouth, genitals, face, palms of hand, soles of feet, toenails and fingernails.

Rapid Treatment of Psoriasis Rash photo pic2RapidTreatmentofPsoriasisRash_zps3836793c.jpg
Rapid Treatment of Psoriasis Rash

The Comorbidity of Psoriasis

In medicine, comorbidity is the presence of additional disorder(s), co-occurring with the primary disorder (infection).

Psoriasis is comorbid. Once you develop a psoriatic rash, you become more susceptible to a host of other infections.

People with psoriasis are 58% more likely to experience a cardiac event. They are 46% more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. They are 43% more likely to experience a stroke attack.

Up to 30% of all those, suffering from a psoriatic rash; go ahead to develop psoriatic arthritis. Psoriatic arthritis causes pain, swelling and stiffness around the joints and tendons.

You can have psoriatic arthritis at any age; however, it is most frequent between the ages of 30 to 50. If it is not diagnosed and treated early, psoriatic arthritis can cause significant joint damage.

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Healthy Skin - Psoriasis Relief

Men and women are equally affected by psoriatic arthritis. Nonetheless, women are more likely to develop psoriatic arthritis. Furthermore, special consideration must be given to the treatment option of women, who intend to get pregnant.

Stress (mental and physical) is an established trigger of psoriasis.

Once you are infected, you become more likely to develop depression. The depression can result from emotional distress or simple burnout from the continuous irritation.

Emotional distress may be produced by the societal reaction to your condition. Moderate to severe psoriasis patches on the face, knees or elbows are externally visible. You can wear clothing to cover your knees and elbows but facial infections are likely to remain visible.

Even though, psoriasis is not contagious, people do not know that. People will thus tend to avoid and even shun you. This can produce a disastrous impact on your self-esteem.

Smooth Healthy Skin - Psoriatic Remedy photo pic4SmoothHealthySkin-PsoriaticRemedy_zpsc2fe99b1.png
Smooth Healthy Skin - Psoriatic Remedy

Other comorbidities associated with psoriasis include: cancer, Crohn’s disease, obesity, metabolic syndrome, squamous cell carcinoma and lymphoma.

Remedy of Psoriasis

Psoriatic rashes need to be treated early; in order to prevent an aggravation of the condition.

The major treatment options for psoriatic plaques include: topical agents, systemic agents, biologics, phototherapy and alternative therapy. The appropriate treatment methods depends on the severity of the infection.

Mild and moderate infections are treated with topical agents such as dermasis. Dermasis is an over-the-counter topical cream.

The potent, all-natural dermasis formula has been subjected to a battery to clinical and scientific tests to ascertain its safety and effectiveness. It has won several awards from the International Medical Council on Health and Safety.


The certified, FDA-registered formula guarantees you a safe and healthy recovery. Order the advanced dermasis formula now and get rid of the itching and irritation of psoriasis.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Weight loss has never been so easy!

You have definitely heard this before. You have definitely been sold a bill of goods on some overhyped product, which didn’t work. Everyone trying to lose weight has been disappointed by cleverly marketed products, which didn’t deliver.

There is nothing worse than not getting the desired results; except the nefarious side-effects of lethal pharmaceuticals.

photo pic1GreenCoffeeBeanExtract_zps3e842fc9.jpg
Green Coffee Bean Extract

All these unresolved issues of the weight loss industry are being swept away with staggering velocity.

The new nutraceutical, green coffee bean extract is revolutionizing weight loss as we know it.

A nutraceutical is a food or food supplement that has beneficial effects on human health.

Green coffee bean extract is a nutraceutical. It is 100% natural and has no side-effects. This breaking news has ignited the curiosity of the scientific community worldwide.

photo pic2WeightlossMiracle-GreenCoffeeBeanExtract_zps7ed3f9c8.png
Weight loss Miracle - Green Coffee Bean Extract

Swedish scientist Ph.D. Sven commented that, “the green coffee bean ingredient is nothing short of a miracle. A formula that can deliver results without side-effects is a monumental breakthrough in science. This might just be the solution to the world’s obesity problem.”

Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Really Work?

When Dr Oz proclaimed his endorsement of green coffee bean extract, his show was swamped by a flurry of criticisms. In spite of Dr. Oz’s sterling silver reputation, people simply refused to believe.

This fat burning phenomenon was just too good to be true.

On his April 26th, 2012 TV segment titled “Miracle Pill to Burn Fat”, Dr Oz and Dr Lindsey Duncan (Certified Nutritionist and Naturopathic) had presented evidence from the double-blind, crossover study published by the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal.

photo pic3GreenCoffeeAntioxidant_zps8fbbe348.jpg
Green Coffee Antioxidant

Even though the scientific study was very thorough; people were still not buying it. So Dr Oz decided to conduct his own study.

In the double-blind study conducted by Dr Oz, 100 women who met the following criteria participated:

They were between the ages of 35 to 49.

They were either overweight or obese.

The BMI (Body Mass Index) of participants ranged from 25 to 45.

They were neither pregnant nor breastfeeding.

They had no major medical problems such as diabetes, heart diseases, etc.

The experiment was conducted by Dr Oz’s medical unit, under the strict and meticulous guidance of Dr Caroline Apovian and certified dietician Kristin Kirkpatrick.

photo pic4GetFitwithGreenCoffeeBeansExtract_zpsa28574ee.jpg
Get Fit with Green Coffee Beans Extract

Half of the participants were given a placebo and the other half were given pure coffee bean extract in 400mg capsules, thrice daily for 2weeks.

Keep in mind that the experiment was double-blind i.e. the participants did not know whether they were taking the placebo or the green coffee bean extract. Only the experiment’s supervisors knew and kept track of who was taking what.

After 2weeks, the results were spectacular!

On average, participants who consumed the green coffee bean extract had lost 2pounds. They had lost 2pounds with no side-effects. In addition, the participants had neither altered their diet nor their exercise routines.

If this isn’t the magic pill that everyone has been waiting for; then what is?


Sure, it is not an overnight weight loss pill. You won’t lose 10pounds in a week. This pill doesn’t promise the usual BS hype. It promises a slower but guaranteed weight loss.

And for the first time ever, you have the safe and healthy advantage of no side-effects.

Internal Hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids are internal.

You think it’s obvious. But it isn’t! Are you wondering why?

Because internal hemorrhoids are actually external by the grade 3 and grade 4 developmental stages. You see, advanced internal hemorrhoids prolapse and can be seen externally.

photo pic1grade3and4internalpilesprolapsehemorrhoids_zpsffb9793f.jpg

Prolapse is a medical term, which describes tissues that have dislodged from their normal anatomical position.

Grade 1 and Grade 2 internal piles are located inside the rectum. Their outgrowth starts above the pectinate (dentate) line. The anatomical difference between internal and external piles is the area from which they develop.

Internal piles develop above the dentate line. External piles develop below the dentate line. The dentate line is about 1cm from the realm of the anus.

Do not make the mistake of confusing grade 3 & 4 internal piles with external piles. You might easily confuse them because they are both visible externally.

photo Pic2symptomsofinternalpileshemorrhoids_zps05b830a7.jpg

Hence the question:

How can You Distinguish Internal Hemorrhoids from External Hemorrhoids?

Internal piles are painless.

Pain is always absent; except in very rare occasion in which the piles are thrombosed or necrotic.

You will also notice bright red blood in your toilet bowl and tissue paper. Your stool will be probably smeared by bright red blood. The presence of bright red blood is also the symptom for anal fissures. Therefore, you may not jump to conclusions simply because you have observed bright red blood on your stool. It could simply be an anal fissure.

Internal piles are painless

Anal fissures are a relatively common occurrence. You risk an anal fissure anytime the anal mucosa is stretched beyond its elastic limit.

Stop anal sex! It is a pervasion.

photo pic4JenniferLopezandPitbullhemorrhoids_zps579f8787.jpg

A prominent cause of anal fissure is constipation; dumping a huge, hard, un-lubricated load.

Consult your doctor immediately, if you notice darkish blood on your stool. Dark blood is the symptom of much serious ailments such as anorectal cancer or bowel disease.

Once your internal piles are in the grade 3 & 4 developmental stage, other symptoms like itchiness become very common. The piles itch because they are prolapsed. It is extremely rare for internal piles to itch; unless, they are prolapsed.

photo Pic5prolapsedpilesitchhemorrhoids_zps33d51c94.jpg

The walls of the rectum are not really skin by definition. They have neither pores nor sebaceous glands. In contrast, the area immediately outside the anus is skin and it is richly supplied with nerve endings and pain receptors. Grade 3 & 4 prolapsed internal piles rub against the walls of this exterior region. That is why, they itch. They can even become painful at this stage.

One more reason to start treatment ASAP.

Causes of Internal Hemorrhoids

High pressures in your bowels cause hemorrhoids. There are a couple of notable situations which can provoke high bowel pressures.

photo pic6highbowelpressurescausehemorrhoids_zps58772a5f.jpg

You know those times when, you tighten your breath and push! You push so hard, your face reddens like a medieval battlefield. Your veins get all swelled up and your eyes threaten to pop out of your head. Those are the times, in which, you are struggling to forcibly eject your load.

It should be self-evident to you, that excessive straining during bowel movements is detrimental to your health. Yep! That kind of pressure can cause hemorrhoids.

Constipation and diarrhea are very closely associated with piles.

photo eathealthy_zps79dd1523.gif
High Fiber Foods Prevent Hemorrhoids

Low fiber intake. A rich fiber diet plays a major role in rendering your metabolism efficient. Fiber absorbs and retains water as your food moves through the intestines. Low fiber content in your diet will result in your stool being dry and hard. You are thus likely to have a hard time pushing out the stool.

Obese people have tons of abdominal fat weighing down on their bowels. It is no mystery that, this weight exerts undue pressure on the lower bowels; thus increasing their risk of contracting hemorrhoids.

Lack of regular exercise. A few walks round the block can do wonders to your health. Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Ripped six-pack abs is not only an aesthetic value. A flat tummy considerably reduces your risk-exposure to piles.

photo Pic7ndashflattummyhemorrhoids_zpsdcab173a.jpg
Flat Stomach – Hard Work will get You There

Pregnant women run a high chance of contracting piles. The uterus is above the bowels. The weight of the fetus directly exerts pressure on the lower bowels. The piles might not occur during pregnancy; rather postpartum, because of the straining during labor.

Sharp hormonal change in pregnant women is also a major facilitator to the development of piles. Oestrogen (estrogen) relaxes venal walls. This makes the veins more vulnerable to swelling upon exposure high pressure.

Observe how much straining weight lifters do.

Did you see that?

It’s certainly no urbane myth that lifting weights necessitates a tremendous coordination of muscles and a strict regulation of breath. In this process, an incredible amount of pressure is cramped down the bowels.

Hemorrhoids and professional weight lifters are well acquainted buddies!

Samantha Wright is my favourite female weight lifter. Isn’t she cute?

Remedy for Internal Hemorrhoids

Sometimes, piles disappear with no external help. All you have to do is wait it out.

Women often recover from piles postpartum.

Needless to emphasize that waiting is not an option for most people; especially, if the piles itch, irritate and hurt.

You can get instant relief with the help of the all-natural venapro advanced formula. Venapro is a 100% organic home remedy. You can order it over the internet without the hassle of prescription.

Hemorrhoids from amentaltoughness on Vimeo.

Doctors recommend venpro because it has two unique and outstanding attributes. Venapro treats both the symptoms and causes.

The most amazing, mind-blowing feature of venapro is that, it is not a topical cream. It is completely oral.

How awesome is that? You don’t have to go through the inconvenience of applying some ointment on your anal region _ an activity which will of course necessitate the washing of your hands.

Hemorrhoids cure venapro photo venaprohemorrhoidsremedy_zps4cc86c5d.jpg

The guaranteed venapro system comes in two bottles. One bottle contains tablets and the other contains an aerosol to be sprayed twice under the tongue, three times daily.

Safe Hemorrhoids Relief photo HemorrhoidsVenaprohorizontalbanner_zps44ffe824.gif

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Hemorrhoids or haemorrhoids (British English) are widely known as piles. There are two types of pathological hemorrhoids: external hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids.

Thrombosis is a big medical word which simply means blood clot. You have thrombosis, when your blood clots inside blood vessels, blocking the normal circulation of blood.

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Internal hemorrhoids are inflammatory swellings inside the rectum. Most internal piles cause bleeding and can become anemic. You might not experience pain rather an uncomfortably itchy feeling. Internal piles are not painful; unless, they are thrombosed or necrotic. Hence, if you are in pain; even though, the swelling is inside your rectum, it means that the swelling is thrombosed.


Sometimes the bleeding smears your stool. Blood will also be present on your tissue paper and in the toilet bowl. At this bleeding stage, the medical term for your condition is hematochezia. You will know that you have hematochezia because the colour of the blood is unmistakably bright red.

It is very uncommon for the bleeding to become anemic. But in some rare cases, the loss of blood is life threatening.

You might also experience mucous discharge during bowel movements. Bowel movement is a polite society term for shitting. Not everyone experiences a mucous discharge. Symptoms differ from one individual to another. You might experience itchiness and fecal incontinence. Fecal incontinence means you are experiencing difficulties in controlling your stool.

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External hemorrhoids have a wide variety of symptoms. External piles are painful swellings on the skin, very close to the anal region. Sometimes, thrombosed inflammations protrude from the anus.

External hemorrhoids are the result of dead cells forming a clot inside your veins. This clot blocks the flow of blood, thus causing swellings.

The exact cause of hemorrhoids is unknown. However, the most widely accepted theories postulate that piles result from excessive downward intra-abdominal pressure. Excessive pressure on the bowels is common during pregnancy and constipation.

This is not to suggest that your piles exclusively occur during pregnancy or constipation. You might develop piles because of unusual bowel movements or simply because of stress.

Hemorrhoids are pretty common in both men and women. An estimated half of the world’s population deal with piles at least once in their lifetime.

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While safe and effective treatments have been developed for this villain, not everyone gets lucky. Some people wait too long without any treatment. The situation aggravates over time, leaving surgical intervention as the only viable option.

Piles occur in the anal or rectal region. Most of us find it embarrassing to have a complete stranger examine our anus. It is even more embarrassing when, we are familiar with the medical professional. Fear of embarrassment it the major reason why, people opt for safe home remedies which, they can use in the privacy of their homes.


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